“the main reason I got sick of writing for websites was the pressure from editors to come up with catchy, clickbait headlines”


Having set up Savage Media in the early hours of Monday morning, I feel like I should write something. It is now 1 am on Saturday morning and the site has been void of content for too long. I do not have my intended first article completed as of yet, so here’s an intro article for anyone who might visit the site in the meantime.

I am Pádraig Martin and this is my blog. I have written for numerous papers, magazines and websites, primarily on MMA and boxing with some GAA and politics thrown in. My main passion is fiction, but the constant online presence offered by the various sports websites kept me away from it for a while. Having had some success in short story competitions I decided that I would devote more time to fiction, and thus I stepped away from covering MMA for the past few months.

In truth, the fact that a lot of various editors/founders were making money while the writers received little to no reward played a part in my decision to step away from covering MMA. But the main reason I got sick of writing for websites was the pressure from editors to come up with catchy, clickbait headlines and SEO friendly articles, oftentimes at the expense of writing decent content.

Despite my decision to focus on fiction and short stories, I often feel the need to comment or add my opinion on news, sport and life in general. Sometimes, a writer just needs to write. So I set up Savage Media as my outlet; a space where I can write about MMA, current affairs or whatever is going on in my head without first pitching it to an editor whose primary concern is how many hits he will get for his website.

I hope to publish a blog before this weekend is out so stay tuned.


Pádraig Martin @paidimartin



Author: padraigmartin

Padraig Martin is a freelance writer. He has written for MMA Micks,, Pundit Arena and the Evening Echo amongst others and was shortlisted in short story competitions on several occasions. (the worlds largest freelance marketplace) have recognised him as a 'Rising Talent'.

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